Heartland Fencing Academy.

Epee fencing Classes from 13 years old to Adults.

Heartland Fencing Academy..

Foil fencing Classes for kids 4 years old to Adults.

Summer National, Philadelphia 2021.

Div III Phillip Nunnink 5th place

RJCC and ROC Remenyak 2021

Div 1 A, Quinlyn Morgan 3rd place

RJCC and ROC Remenyak 2021

Junior Women Foil, Melissa Klien 3rd place

Welcome to HFA

Heartland Fencing Academy is Kansas City’s premier fencing club.

With classes open to fencers of all ages and skill levels, a world-class facility centrally located in Johnson County, and internationally recognized coaches, HFA is proud to bring the sport of fencing to The Heartland.

Why Fencing?

  • Fencing is a safe sport
  • Fencing teaches respect
  • Fencing is a sport of tradition
  • Fencing teaches fair play
  • Fencing is a mental sport
  • Fencing is beautiful

Introductory Classes

Learn something new! HFA offers introductory weekly classes for all ages.

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All HFA Coaches are internationally trained fencing coaches with World Championship and Olympic experience

Emilia Ivanova

Head Coach

Certified Master of Sport Fencing

Zdravka Panagieva

Foil and Epee Coach

Certified Master of Sport Fencing

Stefan-Damian Panagiev

Assistant Foil Coach

USFA Certified, Safe Sport certified, ensuring the safety and well-being of our fencers


HFA fencers have represented the USA at World Cups


HFA fencers have earned over a thousand medals


HFA fencers at USA Fencing National Championships


HFA fencers have earned over 50 National medals

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