Introductory Classes

Our Introductory Classes run one day a week for 4 weeks. The classes are for new students. If you have already taken an introductory class with us and wish to continue in our ongoing classes, please email: or call 913 636 3769

Ages 4 to 6 - Little Knights
Our Little Knights classes focus on developing flexibility and coordination and fostering an interest in the Olympic sport of fencing. Children will participate in fun games and fencing exercises which will teach them some of the basics of fencing, and the responsibility and respect necessary to participate in the sport. Children can take one or more of these classes and can move to the on-going Little Knights or Beginning classes upon recommendation of the coach.

Ages 7 to 13 Ages - Intro classes
Students learn the basics of fencing and will participate in a friendly competition at the end of the course. After participating in this course, students can move to our ongoing Beginners Classes.

Ages 14 to Adults - Introductory Classes
Students can start fencing at any age! You may be surprised at how fit the sport of fencing will make you! These classes will teach the basics of fencing and friendly competition. Upon competition of this class, students can move to our Adult ongoing classes, upon recommendation of the instructor.