Introductory Classes

HFA’s Introductory Classes:

• Introduce the Olympic sport of Fencing to students of all ages.
• Offer a fun environment where students can keep active and learn new things.
• Foster interest in one of America’s fastest growing internationally renowned sports; a sport where teams exist in almost all colleges and universities around the world.
• Teach the basics of fencing, starting with footwork, blade positions, and fencing drills.
• Allow students to engage in friendly competition once the basics are learned all taught and supervised by qualified coaches.


• Wear comfortable sweatpants and tennis shoes.
• Bring water and/or sport drinks.
• No other equipment necessary! Fencing gear will be provided.

Class Info:

Our spacious facility has hardwood floors and 8 fencing strips, plus lots of room for training, conditioning and games! Beautiful glass walls provide ample viewing areas for spectators. Student study and play area, showers, locker rentals, men’s and women’s saunas, a fencing equipment store, and a fully-equipped armory also complete our facility offerings.