Dear fencing friends,

We are currently all living in challenging and unprecedented times. As you may know, businesses around the country have closed due to the pandemic. Small businesses especially have suffered great revenue losses- small businesses like ours. 

Heartland Fencing Academy (HFA) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation that promotes the sport of fencing to individuals of all ages and backgrounds. Through formalized instruction, we foster in our students the highest level of sportsmanship, self-esteem, and fitness, with the primary purpose of having fun. Over the past thirteen years, HFA has pursued this mission by providing classes for all ages and levels, demonstrations, tournaments, camps, and high-level training of a competitive fencing team. 

We are home to more than 100 fencers from all over the metro area, ranging in ages from 4 years old to adults. Our facility and instruction have helped build a team that has competed across the nation and around the world. HFA has even supported many of our fencers in their successful applications to attend some of the best colleges in the nations, including Harvard, Princeton, Stanford, Ohio State and many more. There, some of our fencers have gotten top educations while also competing at the highest level on NCAA fencing teams. Our students are holders of numerous, national medals, and recognized as some of the best fencers in the USA.

Due to the current situation, Heartland Fencing Academy paused its operations on March 18th, and we are uncertain when we will be able to reopen again. We want to be there to serve you again when the time is appropriate. To ensure that this can happen, we must keep the business running and we need your support now more than ever!

Last year, we moved to a larger location, which allowed more fencers from the Kansas City Metro Area to participate and learn the sport of fencing. We invested valuable resources into a new sports floor, moving expenses and substantial monthly rent. All this has depleted our financial reserves. During the shelter-in-place we now are depleting our personal savings. 

To be able to keep our fencers fit during the lockdown, and continue to produce a modest revenue stream, we decided to start online fencing classes. Many fencers have joined us in the past few weeks and have enjoyed the online opportunities. The revenue we are producing, however, is not enough to cover our expenses. 

HFA is looking for the support of the community and our families to keep our Academy open. We are in desperate need of funds that will help cover our rent, and utilities for the months we are closed. As suggested, we have applied for government and foundation assistance, but we have not received any funds yet.

The services we provide to our athletes are important for their well-being, and the development of the sport in the Midwest. If you can support our cause, we would truly appreciate it. Any amount you can contribute will make a difference - even $5.

Thank you for taking the time to read about our mission.  Please, reach out if you would like to learn more about our fundraising efforts. 


Emilia Ivanova
Head Coach