Dear HFA Fencers,

HFA Open on Saturday, May 23rd.

Instructions for the fencers and parents

1. Only fencers are allowed at the club during classes.
Parents, please wait outside during the class and observe through the windows.
2. Parents, please drop and pick up the students on time for class/individual lessons.
3. All fencers are recommended to have own fencing mask, glove, and jacket.
For fencers who do not have own fencing gears, we will still provide it. We are prepared to keep all our share equipment sanitized daily.
4. Enter the club wearing fencing pants (warm-up pants) and clean fencing shoes. We are trying to limit the gathering and time for changing in the bathrooms.
5. Wash/disinfect your hands upon entering the club.
6. Do not come to practice if you are sick.

We are looking forward to see you all back at HFA!